Tides are approximate to +/- 7.0 NM. Data is NOAA Seattle observation station 9447130, located approximately 7.0 NM due east of the marina in Seattle. This is the same data and information that all the mid-Puget Sound boats in the ferry system use and should be accurate to within NOAA specs, plus or minus a few minutes.

Latitude 47° 62.62' N • Longitude 122° 52.12' W

Please note: DO NOT use this data for navigation purposes without consulting an alternate legitimate source to verify it. Allow a few moments for the NOAA Tides information to load.

Marina Tides

Click on this marina tides text link, or the sample image to the right to connect to the NOAA tides page for the marina area in real time.

Certified Clean Marina

  • Reduce and properly manage hazardous waste
  • Conduct marina operations with the goal of protecting the environment
  • Educate boaters on clean boating practices
  • Demonstrate innovation and environmental leadership